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I purchased one of your charging handles from Brownells after being advised of it's usefulness from a friend and fellow Ranger.  This is surprising. I couldn’t feature the M16 charging handle being changed enough to make a difference, much less such a difference.Ranger_Special_forces_US_20Ranger

After living with it for maybe 2 weeks, it changed the way I can employ the weapon. I thought it would be primarily useful on flat tops with long optics; but actually it's equally helpful in other ways (as you point out), even with only iron sights.

At the moment I have it on my personal Armalite .308, and NOW I can get to the charging handle!!!  I'm buying another one in .223 to use on my M4 for when I deploy again.  I'm sure allot of others will do the same when they see mine.  The TacOps1 is well designed and soldier proof. Nothing is too good for Hodgy you know! ;)

PS: Any plans to introduce this to the Army?

SGT Pete McMann

Mechdef33 March 15, 2013 1 tags (show)
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