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I picked up one of these before last weekend, and received it directly from Van, with a note (thanks, Van - I love this thing.   ).

As an appropriate back-story, I've been running a BCM Gunfighter Large latch handle in my .308 for over a year now - I was on a waiting list with BCM, and ordered the thing the very first day it was released.  That's a great handle, works fantastically under a setback scope, and it just plain works.

Now, for comparison purposes, this MechArmor handle makes the BCM Large look like a midget.  I believe somebody else mentioned this previously, and I do the same thing.  If I'm shooting prone with bags under the front of the gun, I prefer to use my right hand (firing hand) to run the charging handle and leave my left hand forward on the handguard, holding the rifle.  That wasn't happening on the .308 with the BCM, unless I did the old two-finger grip on the "T" on the handle, and that meant getting in there under the scope.

Things have changed (back) now...  I put the handle in the .308 right after I received it, and cycled it a few times with each hand - just as easy to charge with my left hand as the Large BCM, but that's where the similarities end.  It's a tremendous improvement over everything else out there, and it really shines in the ambi role it fills.  The TacOps1 is a work of art and ingenuity, really.  Very well executed, guys, very well.

Mechdef33 March 15, 2013 1 tags (show)
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