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Active working pro-gun rights laws in MT

Active working pro-gun rights laws in MT
We have been very active working within Montana to help enact pro-rights laws in order to fence out the feds upcoming activity, laws which most of the other States have now copied. However, as always, it appears our governors have become Kings. The following is a reply to one of our proactive legislators who gave his advice to those asking about the possibility of recall; in recent light after pre...tty much everything that has passed the House & Senate here is getting completely shut down by the governor. Problem is, we don’t have a history of overturning the governors decisions here after the fact.

LOL!!!!! Recalls? What the hell's the difference when we have a King in place to override everything the people TRULY want in the first The law makers write themselves laws which disable the people from holding them accountable outside of BS elections, and the King just flat out does what he wants, or worse, is being directed by the fed in the first place. Hmmm... I believe we had a similar situation in the 1770's... Are we seeing a pattern here? So tell me, how exactly was that pattern broken?

All this shit is just dust in the wind and wasted time. Unfortunately, most men have not evolved mentally or socially, and still only understand and swayed by one thing.

The reality which remains in our so-called modern times, that any people should need to enact laws in order to possess weapons of any kind for protection, is about as ridiculous as it can ever get; proof that on some level Darwin was correct. The mere fact that any people are forced to hold weapons in their possession in order NOT to be over-run by other people, subjugated or murdered is absolute madness! Further proof that humans require countless laws hanging above their necks day and night like the executioners axe to FEAR them in line, because in five thousand yrs give or take we are still unable or unwilling to follow the very minimal and simple instructions for all life on earth as originally provided to us by this worlds Creator.

If and when any man or men come to your home for any reason under the sun to hurt you or your family in any way, will you be calling someone to write a law in your defense, or will you be dispatching the threat? Thus then, what law is needed in order to remained armed? No law! Only force for now because force and loss are the ONLY encroachments that man at large understands and proves to be moved by to do good or go away. Unfortunately, that is the beginning and end of most humans to this point in time, not cynicism, its reality. JB

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