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Benghazi Cover Up!

Like lambs to the Levitical slaughter, but without the remedy of atonement!

I first saw the truth of this heinous and traitorous Benghazi Cover Up spelled out on the front page of the French News Papers, although it was a wide spread story throughout most of the worlds news establishments. 'That the entire Benghazi issue was an arms deal gone wrong from our highest offices to the Muslim Brotherhood!'  Everything else said after that is nothing more than political cover-up, as well they had better use some cover, because we are seeing clearly through their bullshit concealment.

If this was 18th century France, this event would have NEVER warranted imprisonment  but be headings.  I do not care what your personal politics are, or how you voted, because for some time voting on any issue has only proved that the "Ballet box" is a dead issue.     We all have family, and even some have family or friends serving within our military.  These SEALS had family, and as far as I'm concerned they were all of our family as well, because that is what a country is for all those dumbed down sheeple that don't read books anymore!  A nation is a family, all connected in one way or another, and NOT only by our culture, religions or language. These Seals and the rest of the fallen patriots involved ARE OUR FAMILY PEOPLE!  These traitors, who ever they may turn out to be, should at the very least spend the rest of their useless lives in their favorite tropical vacation resort, Guantanamo!

"The assault lasted for eight hours and took place into two waves at two different compounds. How could anyone have known how long the fighting would last? How could they have anticipated that ex-Navy SEALs Woods and Doherty wouldn't have been able to stave off the enemy for a few more hours? Help was not on the way. It was never sent."

"Whistle-blower Mark Thompson, a career counter-terrorism official at State, said he called the White House to request the immediate deployment of a Foreign Emergency Support Team (FEST) to Benghazi. He was told it was "not the right time" to do so, then was cut out of the communications loop."


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