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Southern Comfort and Lies

Southern Comfort and Lies


U.S President States in his speeches and news conferences that America's Southern border is now safe from infiltration! The facts tell a different story as usual.

What else can we say, Caesar said it, so it must be true, and even if not, we better believe it!  I recently brought this news to the attention of a Federal Agent-man friend who was only able to answer me after his laughing fit.  Since a picture says a thousand words, he showed me me just how safe our border is in real time, although most of us paying attention have seen many such pictures of cash, drugs and weapon cashes found by our brave and seriously undermanned Border Patrol agents, these guys are some seriously unsung hero's dealing with this rabid shit every day with their hands tied; and worse, since this current admin took office, now they have to deal with other black agencies, and some not so black, ARMING THE DAM BAD GUYS FROM OUR SIDE! 

If you pay attention to all of the varied "Alphabet Soup Agencies" who were found to be directly involved with this gun running scam, you will see that there was NO ONE FROM THE BORDER PATROL INVOLVED!  So you tell me people, just where the hell should our tax dollars go? DHS? FBI? etc?  Or to the Agents and agency that is NOT found running scams to the absolute contrary of their original mandate! Obviously a rhetorical question.

Is it Southern Comfort and lies, you bet'cha, we sure wouldn't be comfortable living on that border. So, what happened to the "Protecting the peace & harmony" of the people as per our founding documents provide?  My guess is, all those who live and ranch on that border don't feel total peace day and night, much less in harmony with their surroundings or Federal Gov't.  As many of us remember, several have attempted to even protect their own land and castle by their own means, was it the alien that was arrested and prosecuted out of existence or, was it the American Rancher?  And don't even attempt to pull the BS Republican card out, because it was Curious George Jr., who allowed two honest, brave, US Border Agents to languish in jail for doing their effing job!

America is totally TOP HEAVY!  So, where do we start chopping, the feet, or the head?

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