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Feds Raid Associated Press!

Feds Raid Associated Press!


"It's the end of the world as we know it"... Great song back in the day, but who knew it was so prophetic. 

Well there you go folks, proof that the founders had it correct; we would never NEED the 2nd Amendment until they tried to take away the 1st!  And here we are watching it occur in broad day light!  Just remember, all you 21st century misinformed, historically challenged left-wing socialist types out there - YOU,  the intellectuals, the media members, the bloggers, the designers, the teachers, all those who have additional letters after their name, even those who wear glasses as history has proven. It will be YOU FIRST who will be dragged off and buried in mass graves, and they already have the plastic coffins stacked at the ready!  Because when the mask and velvet gloves come off, even YOU will never stand for or tolerate what you see then.  We here are not right or left, nor do we prescribe to some special center position. We prescribe to FREEDOM as the Creator gave it for EVERYONE worldwide and at all levels, no hindering social or political divisions, no ancient superstitious or religious tribal behavior, only true freedom for all.

That being said, is there more below the surface of this action? To the gov't trained intelligence mind, what exactly may this blatant and far reaching over-step also tell us?  Do we wince from the overwhelming stench of desperate despotism here?  I would say so. This may actually be showing us just how far their inherent loss of control has now come.  Most people within the so-called conspiracy community will most certainly say this is the Romanized Elite moving forward with their plan to ice over everyone in the news sector both large and small through fear, essentially fearing everyone into quitting or backing off truth telling considerably.  However, as I pointed out we believe it shows far more than just that, and on a much deeper level, but that's just our humble opinion




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