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Ask the devil for help, not GOD

Ask the devil for help, not GOD, says the gov't schools

 The Globalists begin attacking HOME SCHOOLER'S!

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At least they are being up front about their evil intention now!  Now the new narrative begins, that a families right to home school their children is not a right, maybe they are correct, its not a right, its a given!  A cursory look at the  gov't designed standardized tests taken by most public school children, against those same tests taken by Home Schoolers will give you the answer as to why they need this shut down.  You cannot take over a nation of intelligent "CRITICAL" thinking people; and they cannot give ground won by their Public school 'dumb-down' project to the quickly growing  population who are moving to Home Schooling. Especially, given the proof depicting how Home schooled children rank so high, higher even than Private schooled children, thus totally leaving all Public school test scores in the dust of their crumbling system! As I said, the dam needs to be plugged before the Statists lose control of yet another bleeding artery from their Titanic of a Public school system.  So yes, watch for this narrative to gain popularity, and watch for this to be an emerging battle ground as well.


Homeschooling: Part of Domestic Terror Construct

 "In 2004, cops in Muskegon, Michigan conducted a “mock attack” on a school bus as part of a terrorism response exercise. The terrorists portrayed in the exercise were not fanatical Muslims or even phantom rightwing extremists – they were said to be fanatical homeschoolers."   READ MORE ON THIS...


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