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Too stupid to procreate much less govern

Earlier I asked "who is in control of the feds", well, here is

proof of who is not in control of even their own surroundings


Too stupid to procreate much less govern

Well, in my world, if you are too stupid to turn off your microphone before openly speaking about TREASON, then you deserve to be added to the many lists which most surely abound by now.   Here are three silly women, of which all we can do is pray that they did not find the time to spawn too many offspring.  I noticed that the one on the far right is wearing a "Jesus-cross".  I wonder, did anyone tell her that her religion has recently been added to the governments EXTREMISTS GROUPS list?  I also wonder if she is aware that saying the prophet Jesus's name out loud or speaking about him or Christianity at length to anyone on, or in gov't property, is now a punishable federal crime.  If I am correct,  her type is the exact demographic that will be in some serious need of those guns she is advocating to confiscate, confiscate, confiscate!

Now, being from a non-Christian heritage  and growing up knowing people who made it through the Nazi holocaust,  I may be a bit jaded in all this, but just as I see in all these types of people in power, both the men and the women all appear to share that same psychotic grin and stare at most times, the thousand yard stare of a megalomaniac in the works. The off personality, that once it feels safe from the  pending wrath of the people via their ability to project massive force against them via "guns", these evil-doers will once again stoke the fires of their new Nazi furnace buildings, and roll out their gas-chamber train cars to wreak a certain destruction on everyone, everywhere.



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