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U.S Military 'Power-Grab' goes into effect

U.S Military 'Power-Grab' goes into effect


Here comes Waldo and the Big Green machine people!


The Nazi party had  ' The night of the long knives',  what will ours be referred to in future history books?  When they come for former military special operator types and retired officers, will that be you, and who will come to your families aid in that day?  Then after that, when they come for NRA members and the like, will that be you, and who will come to your families aid in that day?  Then when they come for Constitutionally legal Militia types, will that be you, and who will come to your families aid in that day?  Then, when they get around to just lining up all those previously identified Catholic & Christian extremist types to help move you all into the next life, will that be you and yours, and who will come you your aid?  So far no word on the Jews yet this time around, maybe the Statists figure the last 3500 yrs was enough.

Yup, it will incrementally be all of us, but truthfully,on the grand scale of things, that is still not such a huge number for them to deal with up front, especially when they have the aid of other armies to get it done.  I ask, who will come to his neighbors aid with violent force?  If I had to venture a guess based on what I saw the people do with the SS take-over of Boston in recent days, I will say,  no one will come risking their lives and those of their own families for anyone else on a grand scale, and that is EXACTLY what the powers already believe, and counting on!  Maybe its just over. Maybe this experiment has run its course, and those of us who see the writing, so to say, need to follow our own advice as few did just prior to the Nazi take over of Germany, and just leave AmeriKa completely. If for no other reason than to "possibly" safe guard the lives of your children and possibly give your line of DNA a chance to survive what comes, or go the way of the dinosaurs.  Prove me wrong!  Because WACO & Ruby Ridge prove me right!  This all is so much larger than most people suspect, and so much more invasive, that at times I even find my own self wondering, and maybe even hoping that the Christian's are correct about the return of Jesus/Yehshua actually... And his war machine to finalize all this BS for once and for all upon those who seek to destroy the Creators creation. I guess all we can do is wait, watch and hope.  In the mean time, maybe load up some magazines as well, because now we can clearly see this huge Stazi animal is scared and possibly wounded, and that makes them far more dangerous for everyone, especially those living in the higher population areas.


[caption id="attachment_1296" align="alignleft" width="285"]It all looks so official doesn't it? It all looks so official doesn't it?[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1297" align="alignright" width="300"]Here is what it looks like when people won't see truth! Here is what it looks like when people won't see truth![/caption]




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