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Policeman kills man with toy gun

 Again, yet another LE person who does not possess the correct temperament for "perceived" dangerous situations! 


Policeman kills man with toy gun

Listen, we here cater to LE of all types and remain so far 100% behind them, but you all need to take a serious inventory of the men and women you have in your employ.  Now for sure and for certain the guy in this car was a 'trusting dumb-ass', but last I checked we don't just kill dumb-asses out of hand.  No question the driver of this car should have left well enough alone and not touched the toy pellet gun he had in the car while he had a cop hovering about?  However, more importantly, the LE officer is the SUPPOSED professional on the scene, and from the reports on this case thus far, I see  no case for just blasting off with so many rounds and murdering someone who hadn't yet caused a scene, or made any violent actions towards the LE officer, (as per the witness accnts).

This is CLEARLY yet another case in a growing issue where the LE officer is NOT suited for this work, obviously having major issues with his ability to DISCERN REAL TROUBLE, from happenstance.  If we in the military have to walk through enemy territories among large populations of non-combatants who are mixed with extremely dangerous combatants, having to learn to distinguish both in all situations, and being expected to DISCERN who NOT to kill, then we should train and expect the very same from those who police us here at home, and when training won't take, then the person has to go!  And just like the military, YOU in the LE field always know who these weak links are. They are hurting you big time.

I say again, if we have LE officers walking around so gripped by fear that they literally uncontrollably unload their weapons magazine on non-combatants, or even so during ACTUAL attacks on them, proving their inherent inability to control their force response in a professional deliberate manner at all times, then you need to make some immediate changes in personnel to better SERVE & PROTECT the general population, or are we way past that old idea these days.




Mechdef33 May 21, 2013 1 tags (show)
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