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Legal Home built Rifles

Start looking into building your own weapons


Legal Home built Rifles

Although there are a few excellent rifle kits available for several good weapon designs like the AK, Uzi, AR, RPK, 1911, etc, as well as several great video and written manual building resources, most people still aren't considering this resource.  Soon it may be good to  have a few rifles around without any serial numbers or paper trail, so checking this out may be worth your time.

As most already know, it is the lower receiver section which is the "controlled" substance in any gun, and the parts kits are no exception.  The lower receivers as most also already know, are generally either stamped steel which, in the AK47's case, comes in several configurations from a "flat" stamped and drilled piece that you have to bend into its final shape, to a completed lower receiver which is totally bent, drilled and with all the major chassis parts installed; of course this 100% lower assembly is serial numbered and considered a controlled part under NFA rules.  As in the case of an AR style weapon, either cast or billet aluminum which has to be machined out to some extent in order to receive the trigger assembly parts, the video below explains this in further detail.

We have built several of these weapons from parts kits through the years and their quality is generally good, although as with anything mechanical, much of the final products quality is directly tied to the builders ability, tools used, and attention to detail. The old adage - "Sht in, sht out" applies!

We have been asked to make kit recommendations, with respect we would rather not, as I expressed previously, most of the final build quality and reliability is predicated on the builders ability, we call it - "OPERATOR HEAD SPACE"... ;-)

[caption id="attachment_1432" align="aligncenter" width="300"]AK47 build kits are inexpensive, and their receiver flats are well designed these days. AK47 build kits are inexpensive, and their receiver flats are well designed these days.[/caption]

Personally I agree with all that the guy is saying in this video directly below, however, if you are a handy person and have some spare time the tooling cost is well worth it. Building several weapons to have around for your future friends in need is a great idea for many reasons.  A quality rifle will be worth quite a bit in the future, so will the skills you acquire through these DIY projects.

Short video on AR15/AR10 lower receiver build

Arizona Response Systems - AK47 Build 

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