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New Spy Chips for People

Even more convenient than the invention of Microwave Ovens!


The Man from U.N.C.L.E says, 'we are here to help'...

New Spy Chips for People -  Motorola has found a way to make everyone's life so much better! Tyranny through convenience! 


Remember, if your building, or purchased an AR15 or AR10, don’t forget to add one of our TacOps-1 Charging Handles!

Make your AR weapon the best it can be – Find out more about our TacOps-1 by MechArmor – The FIRST to bring a totally redesigned AR charging handle to the market since 1955! – Higher Speed with less moving parts! Click Here For More Info On How To Purchase.

Special Offers for our TacOps-1 

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