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More Police Malcontents

Yet again!


More Police Malcontents!

Not like Jasper doesn't have a history in this particular flavor of malfeasance , but always good to know that the humans in charge remain consistent.  At first review of this footage I wasn't even certain I had the correct video, since initially it didn't appear that anyone was actually under arrest there, nor did the portly officer seem to be paying attention to such a violent criminal offender. I also noticed that the woman - (intimidating, violent criminal type) - didn't appear to raise her hands in any violent or resistant way, and if she did, I missed it, thus, it could not have been enough to warrant such ridiculous behavior from the so called "professionals".

We also find it quite interesting from a psychological standpoint how the two "professionals" treated their - (intimidating, violent offender) - AFTER she was down and sufficiently subdued.  They both - (professional LE) - dragged the body off  by one leg, much the same way we witness mere cattle in our slaughter houses being treated.  This callous act may appear benign and even overlooked on most people, however, a  trained profiler might tell you that these are clear signs which have been verified many times, over many years, of a serial-killers process, his severely reduced capacity for remorse and guilt, an attitude of complete disdain towards all people or specific segments of society,  as well, all serial personalities exhibit an attitude of "self importance".  We wonder if either of these officers ever worked in a slaughter house prior to their LE careers?

Did you know that neighbor boy growing up that loved to torture and possibly kill the local cats and other small animals?  The bottom line as it pertains to all human behavior is, if you can kill any animal for any reason outside of self defense or the defense of others, you can do the same and worse to any human given a slight shift in conditions. Being world travelers who have fought wars, we know exactly what it looks like when certain types of men are afforded the latitude of no oversight, which then allows their true inner selves to be freed in a reign of terror upon unsuspecting weaker people.  Of course good Christian American's would never act in such ways right? - SEE RAPE ARTICLE.   All of these seemingly unconnected events concerning LE in America over the years, are only the beginning of a growing trend.  The concern should be that one single event may set off a cataclysmic indiscriminate retaliation against all LE, MOST of whom may not deserve it.  Houses NEED to be cleaned!

From a purely strategic point of view, and of course hypothetically at this point, ALL local, State and Federal LE remain highly out gunned, and more importantly highly visible, where those who may eventually turn against LE are not on static display daily.  Disdain towards all LE can easily be identified within  all sectors of American society, an issue which appears to be a growing concern. The main antagonist continues to be LE people like these two in Jasper. Thankfully it seems that LE officials are taking a more hands-on approach in dealing with these malcontents with immediate dismissals and sometimes charges, however more often then not they are left with little more than a reprimand, leaving the emotionally affected populace nowhere to vent.


Cellphones confiscated after Police beating - READ STORY HERE


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