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Open Carry march for CJ Grisham in TX

Didn't see this on any news did we?


For those of you who didn't see the subsequent gathering of outraged citizens marching, loaded weapons slung, in protest and in solidarity with Mr. CJ Grisham of Temple TX after his arrest for the same.  See my blog posting from Jan/7 titled - False arrest in Temple Texas.

Open carry march for CJ Grisham in TX - After his false arrest and detainment for legally carrying his M4 rifle openly while on a walk in the country with his young son.  Some people evidently decided to prove this as a false arrest by carrying their weapons on a permitted march and social gathering through their town.

Evidently none of these people were arrested for openly carrying, or, as the police officers in question stated it - "Rudely Displaying", their weapons.  Therefore, can we not understand this lack of arrests to be proof on it's own merit that the original arrest was completely illegal?





Armed & Loaded March in Temple TX

The people marched in open carry demonstration in Texas last week, did you hear about this? 




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