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Flight 800 case reopened

TWA Fight 800 Finally Exposed!

Flight 800 case reopened - Some people may remember at the time this occurred that there was a home video out there that was quickly removed from public view. The video was taken accidently from the deck of a beach-house facing in the exact direction of both flight 800's path, as well as that what absolutely appears to be a sea launch missile. The video that we remember seeing, which was later presented by some experts, appeared to show the position of the running video camera to be approx. 25ft above the oceans level, looking directly across the ocean on a very clear day.  This angle allowed the observer to see the upward splash, as well as the above water ignition of the missiles engine.  This would then tend to rule out a shoulder launched missile, or any deck launch missile.  As of today we have attempted to relocate that footage, without luck. We do hope that footage is used within this new investigation, as it was quite obvious and compelling. Not to mention that the NTSB got almost 300 eye witness reports of such a missile event occurring from many vantage points along the coasts of NY and NJ. 

Another major fact left out of all the main stream press at the time,  a fact that is generally only known to pilots who frequent that airspace was, that directly off the shore, almost exactly where the eye witness accounts put the launch sightings, is an area of ocean known as an "MOA" or Military Operations Area.  This particular MOA is an especially active Naval MOA where many missile tests and operations are carried out. It was also known that the Navy was in fact conducting operations at this time. Because of this, some investigators, as well as French officials believed that it may have been a Naval accident.  Also intriguing was how the government agencies locked almost everyone out of the wreckage recovery operations, as well as the storage/reconstruction sight of the Airplane. Of course this would be necessary to thwart any other agency or independent investigators from finding ordinance residue on the plane fragments.

Although this isn't anywhere near as clear as the original video footage many people saw, the following is a still shot from that camera footage to give an idea of the scene in question - SEA LAUNCH MISSILE

Sea launch missileSea launch missile




                                                                    FLIGHT 800 ARTICLE


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