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FDA Health Supplement Take-over

FDA & Big Pharma to remove your health supplements!

FDA Health Supplement Take-over - MechArmor TacOps-1 AR15 charging handle


FDA Health Supplement Take-over - So, THEY can pass laws that allow all food manufactures who use "GMO" plants in their products to refrain from having to LABEL their products as using GMO sources, but the Natural supplement and Organic food growers must be regulated out of existence!  Let me see if I have it all squared away thus far:

1. Ossama-Care to regulate entire medical and Insurance industries.

2. Guns regulated out of existence.

3. Home-Schooling legislated out of existence.

4. All Organic foods and health products legislated unlawful.

5. Home gardens legislated unlawful.

6. Legislation passed blocking law suits against all big Pharma and Monsanto corp., for damages.

7. Legislation limiting the sale of any weapon oriented part outside of the USA - ITAR - unless you are the US Gov't.

Etc, etc, etc, etc, and the BS just keeps creeping on with little to no opposition from anyone.


"When you notice this type of hypocrisy, you can usually bet there is a serious industry influence behind the scenes. There is a campaign push assaulting the supplement industry by those hoping to gain control of it. Essentially, if supplements become regulated like drugs - only the drug companies will be manufacturing them."





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