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Constitutional Sheriffs Fight back

The ONLY Constitutionally ELECTED Law of the land!

Constitutional Sheriffs Fight back - TacOps-1 AR15 Charging handle

Constitutional Sheriffs Fight back

Strangely enough, most American's of which I am aware, do not know that their elected Sheriff and his dept., are technically the highest form of law enforcement in the land!  It would appear that until recently, even most Sheriffs and their Deputies lost the full understanding of their position at the top of the law enforcement food-chain, while most other law enforcement organizations seem to have a dismissive attitude towards them. 

The Governors of each State have their own private army of law enforcement, "State Police", yet another point of fact lost on so many American's embroiled in day to day life.  Thus, it would seem important that the people who ELECTED their County Sheriffs, should know that these ELECTED officials of law enforcement are technically the PEOPLES private army, and their ONLY true protection  against mistreatment by OTHER law enforcement agencies. 

Of course, most people on the street hearing such a comment concerning  the Sheriff and his dept., being the PEOPLES army, would most surely dismiss the idea out of hand based on the Mobs massive lack of knowledge.  However, I believe this to be an accurate description because the Sheriff is the ONLY law enforcement agency who can legally and literally call to arms, and deputize every single able bodied citizen living within his County.  If this was ever needed and implemented to repel any type of invasion from any outside entity, be it a domestic or foreign threat, there are few if any armies, or law enforcement agencies who could possibly ever stand against such a vast and dispersed force of arms; and this is only considering one single American State County. Of course all States Counties possess the same power through their ELECTED Sheriffs, enabling them to stand together if larger forces are required.  These of course have been nearly lost points of law and American custom, however they appear to be making a comeback, which is good to see, and hopefully not to late. 

The following "Constitutional Sheriff's Association" website should be passed around as much as possible. And if you would like to feel more secure in your homes, towns and cities, find more ways to spread this information to your local Sheriff's, as well as ways to support them if they are provably on-board with upholding their true oath of office. If not, then work hard at firing them next election!


Contributing Writer

Ari Collquette

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Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Assoc.



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