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Have a Joke and a Slap

House votes to limit Homeland Security’s gun ammunition buys!


Bullet Boy

 Your DHS colon cleaning is on the way!


Have a JOKE and SLAP on me - LOL.....!  Yes DHS....wink, wink, wink...your not allowed to buy anymore ammo until you prove you need it. 

After 2 billion rounds already, just when will they be needing more?  About the time Kinetic weapons are considered ancient relics?   

YUP - Have a Joke and a Slap - Or a Coke to help choke down all the BS they're slapping you with. No mention as far as we can see that Congress will be pulling back those two billion rounds, allotting DHS what they truly need for 1 YEAR immediately, and reselling all the rest back into the private sector. Imagine that idea!  Taking billions of rounds of high dollar ammo that you purchased at below commercial market wholesale, and then reselling it for market retail, TO MAKE A HUGE PROFIT!   I mean, being that the US govt is an actual commercial corporate entity, one would think that making a profit was its highest priority, no?

As well, no mention at all concerning thousands of super-expensive military armored vehicles they purchased, where's the ACTUAL need for those? Have they proven such a need? All very interesting, all the same BS smoke & mirrors.

                                         ORIGINAL WASHINGTON TIME ARTICLE HERE


Contributing Writer

Ari Collquette

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