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A Jew, A Combat Vet, a Cop, confronts NY Legislators

Another Jew sounding the logic alarm for freedom?

A Jew, A Combat Vet, a Cop, confronts NY Legislators - TacOps-1 The Best AR15 charging handle WHO'S ON FIRST?


A Jew, A Combat Vet, a Cop, confronts NY Legislators:


A Jew, a Combat Vet, a Cop, confronts NY Legislators - His argument is an old one, but not an outdated one.  If your sons and daughters had to be the first ones on the front lines of any war, would they vote for war?  Of course this question remains rhetorical as we all know the true answer to it.

I heard a mathematician once who said he worked out the dirty math rather quickly concerning how long it would take for an armed and duly antagonized American public to utterly waste the entire U.S police force, including Federal forces, (excluding US military) -  had gun confiscation occurred in earnest. He based his template on a modest 10% combative populace across the board, with no additional civilian combat forces adding to those initial numbers as hostilities progressed. (Although there is no question that once such an event occurred, many more such forces would then engage, he believed up to another 20% to be very possible). The end result of such an event would by conservative estimates, based on the available 2010 Federal and local police census numbers, all police forces would be deleted, and or, have left the fight to protect their own families within 4 days! FOUR DAYS!  This man also had other scenario projections (extrapolated from his algorithm), based on the governments use of additional forces to the same end, i.e. Euro-forces, and or some elements of the US Military, and or both; all of which ended the same way, over a slightly longer periods of time etc.  He even had one based on the very real possibility of China coming to our aid as well to restore a useful trading and food supply partner. The bottom line all the way around continues to show the same outcome, even to the Chinese, and as publicly expressed by even the Russian top brass not all that long ago - That short of total annihilation of the entire continent by some very ugly means, which would of course render this countries vast natural resources unobtainable for a very long time, that no outside force could possibly overtake a US citizenry while we remain so totally over-armed.  This of course will not stop the megalomaniacs at the top from attempting it.

Thankfully, and hopefully, what we are seeing now from this NY Police officer, is that the entire law enforcement community in this country is now becoming aware, and up against this same reality as it was described to me by my Math-boy, friend. They can make all the laws they want and wish for, but the problem will always remain with the 'WHO is going through the doors first.'  Because, as these smarter cops also know, if such an event ever actually begins, they understand one other truth to be self evident, that they wont be needing to go into peoples homes to engage anyone, the hunt will be wherever THEY are, from behind every tree, bush, phone-pole, rock, vehicle, window and door frame.  Everyone's collective life expectancy would be far better served if ALL police depts. nation wide just circle the wagons at the borders of their States and Towns, and PRESERVE their neighbor's RIGHTS.

What was that old motto?



Contributing writer

MSGT. Williams

US. Army Ret.


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