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New Independent review of TacOps-1


Law Enforcement Officer reviews our TacOps-1


[caption id="attachment_83" align="aligncenter" width="300"]New Independent review of TacOps-1 - TacOps-1 photo gallery AR15 AR10/M110 charging handle by TacOps-1[/caption]

New Independent review of TacOps-1 - TacOps-1 Ar15 charging handle SALENTOA Certified by American Tactical Law Enforcement

New Independent review of TacOps-1 - It is always great to have any of you do such an independent review of our MechArmor Defense TacOps-1 AR charging handle like this review.  It is always good to be acknowledged for the good work you do, over that of so many others in the same business who tend to sell "after-thought" product designs to everyone as "Combat ready" weapons parts.  We have always left it up to our educated customers to identify the difference between "their" product marketing, and our proven quality design.  We believe the NTOA Seal above, awarded to our TacOps-1 rifle product, along with all of the other industry professional evaluations, and the many non-law enforcement and military customer product evaluations, says it all.


REVIEW LINK FOR TacOps-1 Charging Handle!



New Independent review of TacOps-1 - TacOps-1 AR15 charging handle Sale


Remember, if your building, or purchased an AR15/AR10, don’t forget to add our TacOps-1 Charging Handle!

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