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New technology gun cleaning products


Have you seen the awesome Paul-Clean product line for gun cleaning ?


New technology gun cleaning products - TacOps-1 The Best AR15 charging handle

New technology gun cleaning products - We here at MechArmor Defense Systems do a lot of shooting with many different weapons, and with allot of shooting with varied weapons comes way too many cleaning products. Recently we were introduced to a new product line of cleaning tools from a company called "Paul Clean".  Now, like you, we have been presented with so many miracle cleaning products to try in the hopes that we would carry them for sale, we've lost count. 

NOW asked to try a new cleaning patch?  How new or different could a cleaning patch be right?  Well, stand back shooters, because these people have figured it out in spades!  ONE PATCH FOR EVERY CALIBER!  YES!  Purchase a few different specific caliber jags and your off with one single roll of patches, and these patch's catch the dirt big-time!  I personally have NEVER cleaned a rifle so completely, so quickly!


PAUL CLEAN - FROM .22 TO .50 cal!

Paul Clean "roll"  patches come in a unique roll of 1,000 cleaning patches. These patches have a innovative clover design shape that allows them to fit in a .22 to .50 caliber barrel and still clean them equally as well.

The Paul Clean patches are made of synthetic fiber.  They are strong and will not tear or fray. 

Dealers can call us for wholesale pricing - 


The MechArmor retail price for these 1000 count rolls is $21.00! 

New technology gun cleaning products - TacOps-1 The Best AR15 charging handle



The Paul Clean Aerospace Aluminum Jags are lightweight and fit most standard cleaning rods.  Used in conjunction with the Paul Clean patches you get 360 concentric pressure assuring that your weapons bore will be cleaner utilizing less patches,  saving the shooter time and money.

New technology gun cleaning products - TacOps-1 The Best AR15 charging handle


For wholesale pricing on these jags contact us here:


MechArmor retail for price for jags is $5.35 each!

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MECHARMOR DEFENSE SYSTEMS is offering up our TacOps-1 AR charging handle  for $49.95 + S&H from July 1st to July 31st 2013. This is our once a year extra low price during our annual Independence Day celebration!


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