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CDC - Fun with inoculations

Which is worse the disease or the vaccination?

CDC - Fun with inoculations  - TacOps-1 The Best AR15 charging handle
CDC - Fun with inoculations - In a time when governments are attempting to make it mandatory for all children to be vaccinated we must ask if the vaccine is more dangerous than the risk of the disease, itself?  For generations this had an easy appeared, although not very well documented, that the risk of the disease was  more dangerous than the preventative inoculation.  As it remains today, the statistics of how many people die and or are seriously adversely effected by their vaccines is generally difficult to find, and in many cases falsified.  The establishment MD's are the worst offenders of vaccine ignorance, and those who are not just flat brainwashed and ignorant, are scared for the loss of their careers if found speaking out against the CDC or big-Pharma.  It would do everyone well to remember that MD's, regardless of specialty, and still the LOW end of the medical sciences. MD's are taught by the Ph.D., so if you want truly in-depth answers, find a Ph.D. to ask.
In the past 12 years or so the autism issue has truly blown the entire big-pharma vaccination question out of the water and into the light of day.  Now it has become far easier to find good scientific evidence of vaccination harm being the culprit of many human and animal diseases which have been historically linked to other totally unrelated and illogical origins.  The findings now dictate that everyone better start rethinking all vaccinations of any kind, especially for your childrenThis should also be unsettling to people vaccinated to travel overseas, and within our military, as the growing mountains of evidence and class action suits are proving all manner of contaminants - formaldehyde and Mercury are second only to all the live animal viruses in their inoculations, as the CDC is now forced to admit.  Forced to admit truths because the general public, mostly infuriated mothers taking point on the issue in the courts, are proving that vaccines have been contaminated with a known cancer causing virus. WOW,  don't you all feel so good that you and your children took the polio vaccine, and after all, it was ok because we received the safer version, right?  No one in my family under the age of 30 has ever been vaccinated for any reason, not even at birth, and their immune systems are quite literally second to none.  Those of us who did not have enlightened parents, will generally catch everything coming down the proverbial pike unless we continually work at purifying our bodies with the known naturopathic remedies, coupled with a purely organic vegetarian diet.  I personally have not had a "flu" or any other vaccine since I was a teenager, and since my youth have only had the actual flu twice.  Given my the knowledge of the H1N1 and its dangers, you sure wont ever see anyone I have influence over lining up to take that shot or any Flu shot for that matter!  People need to un-convince themselves that putting some of this debilitating neurological influenza into their body is somehow a good idea because some gov't official, MD or marketing campaign tells them so.
Once again the government sold a bill of goods to it's citizens as something to "protect" them, and especially THE CHILDREN!  You should know by now, when Governments want their way, they sell their agenda under the guise of SAVING the children!  Just how may "protections" that have now verifiably gone wrong can we afford, be it a vaccine or taking our ability for self-protection away?  Here's the kicker, the CDC admits and publishes a page about the contaminated polio vaccines but then quickly removes it from their website. There's a warm fuzzy for you from our government!  PUBLISH and REMOVE, affording them the plausible deniability of "We told you so"...  We will never know until long after the fact  whether there was contamination or not in our food (thank you GMO's), our vaccines (evident here), our medical procedures (like x-raying fetus') (Mammograms causing higher cancer rates), (Irradiation of animal flesh), (Water fluoridation), and God knows what else. Until something has been proven tried and true after years upon years of research and use, (Like Gardasil - yeah right!), don't do it!   And even then, take more time to research it fully before you consider it, as much continues to remain hidden.  If there is even a thread of possibility that a danger exists, for instance all the side effects of medication which leads to more medication to deal with said side effects, which have side effects of there own and so on, and so on.... RETHINK IT!  LOOK FOR ANOTHER MORE NATURAL HEALING SOURCE.  BUT FIRST, "CHANGE YOUR DIET!"  IT HAS BEEN PROVEN NOW BY MANY OF THE WORLDS GREATEST MEDICAL SCIENCE MINDS THAT THE HUMAN DIET IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF VIRTUALLY ALL HUMAN DISEASES OTHER THAN THOSE WHICH ARE DIRECTLY VERIFIABLY LINKED TO A KNOWN SOURCE, LIKE TAR IN YOUR LUNGS FROM SMOKING, COAL MINING OR BIRTH DEFECTS, ETC. 
Get a clue - big pharma is trying to make a profit, their TV marketing campaign is enormously ridiculous, and only followed by the next most ridiculous industry, big-law! Both big-pharma and big-Law keep each other in profit and your expense, and the expense of your children!
CDC - Fun with inoculations  - TacOps-1 The Best AR10 charging handle
CDC - Fun with inoculations  - TacOps-1 by MechArmor - The Best AR charging handle

CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine In An

8-Year Span when It Was Contaminated With Cancer Virus!





Contributing Writer
Carla Meadows Ph.D

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