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More great CDC news on Flu vaccine

 CDC Bug Juice coming soon to a Flu vaccine near you!

   More great CDC news on Flu vaccine - MechArmor TacOps-1 Ar15 charging handle More great CDC news on Flu vaccine - MechArmor Defense Systems Inc



More great CDC news on Flu vaccine

More great CDC news on Flu vaccine - Apparently human DNA is identical to that of an Insects! On the heels of  exposing the CDC's cancer causing agent in past polio virus' they skirt that away; now we should be excited, and hail the great minds of the CDC who are about to inoculate America with an insect virus!  Is this more science fiction taking root - Have you seen the 1986 movie, "The Fly"?  Well here's your FLUBLOK Vaccine  and this time the theater will be your own body!  Of course this is touted as a "modern" virus, which should make the masses feel so much better about injecting it into their body, and that of their children! 

This vaccine uses a recombinant DNA (rDNA).  That is an artificial DNA produced taking one DNA and joining it with a different DNA...apparently in this case, an insects?  (As it was in the days of Noach?)...

rDNA is also referred to as "Chimera".  Chimera was a fire breathing hybrid monster from Greek mythology.  Now take that image of a monster and ask yourself..."Do I want this in my body?"  But wait! If you purchase your FLUBLOK rDNA vaccine in the next ten minutes, we will not only double your order, but sweeten the pot for those of you who are allergic to eggs!  By injecting you and your hyper-allergenic children with our new FDA approved vaccine which is derived from insect DNA in stead of Poultry! But wait, there's more!  For signing up to be their lab-rats, the CDC will provide this new Chimera vaccine to you in its "pure" form with no antibiotics, preservatives, etc!  WOW!

Of course, DONT go asking any of the hard questions, because we don't like answering logic based questions from those of you useless eaters out there who still have a functioning brain!  In fact, in order to receive this one time special offer, you cannot ask questions like - 'How do we really know that this keeps the Flu away?' or 'How many years of blind verifiable clinical tests were done?'...

No one in our family has taken any vaccine for over 30 years, myself, I don't take the Flu vaccine, I work in close proximity to people in what anyone would deem a medical environment, and have managed to escape the flu every year.  So, how do we really know that their vaccine "ACTUALLY"  protected anyone!?!  THEY DONT!  Its all a guess, and the truth of the situation is, the CDC formulates this crap, and the drug companies market the hell out of it at the same time of the year annually!  And if they didn't make enough $$$$ the previous year, you can bet all you have that they will once again use the mainstream media to scare the ever living crap out of everyone they can, about some new emerging flu bug that has all the hospitals ACCEPT YOURS, clogged up and jumping!

Does anyone remember the purpose of real science? Wasn't it to find out more about the world God created, which in turn should have the effect of drawing us closer to Him?  No! Now they think themselves gods ! And they continue to mess with our very lives! How long will we allow it?



More great CDC news on Flu vaccine - MechArmor Defense Stystems

More great CDC news on Flu vaccineMechArmor TacOps-1


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