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A Gun-Report Tale of Two cities


We hate to use logic, reason and fact......but


 A Gun-Report Tale of Two cities



A Gun-Report Tale of Two cities - Well, its not always NEW news, but it is always welcome news when the report is based on truthful statistics, albeit truthful statistics are not generally welcome among the Progressive Statist haters of America - That's -  Of course I jest, about the PSHA anyway, although now looking at it, its not sounding like a bad idea for a new blog-site! 

Most of us are aware that the statistics for gun violence as depicted below are the same across the board. Virtually ALL the Progressive Socialist States in American have two major attributes in common - 1. They are all either totally bankrupt or well on their way, and 2. They have the strictest anti-Constitutional gun laws, while also having the highest gun related violence rates!

EXACTLY the same case for all the European and other countries worldwide who removed their citizenries ability to arm and protect themselves - the citizens are now left as baby sheep in an open field surrounded by wolves, and the wolves remained totally armed, and in most cases, got better armed! Britain and Australia are the most recent anti-gun cases that continue to PROVE out this trend in spades!

The day we allow our country to be disarmed, is the last day you will be able to sleep soundly. Because from then on, your children are 100% up for grabs for the Elite slavists, and your women will be taken and raped to death, and your elderly will be bludgeoned to death to save a bullet. Most of this will occur directly in the sight of all the others! Don't believe me, think I'm overstating?  Ask an elderly Jew who lived through the camps, ask anyone who lived through Kosovo! Ask someone who survived the ongoing African death squads!


A Gun-Report Tale of Two cities - MechArmor TacOps-1 AR10 charging handle

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