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TacOps-1 Customer Service Review

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TacOps-1 Customer service review - We thank this client for his impromptu product service review.  We found it funny that he wasn't aware that we do this with every single customer buying our TacOps-1 AR Charging handle, regardless of their location.  We tend to be more old-school here, and we want all of our customers of this product to be as happy with it as we are.  Our outlook is, we would rather buy it back from someone, rather than just stick a person with something he can't or wont use.  We have personally been treated this was far too many times and for far higher dollar items.  The bottom line for us is that we here at MechArmor, whether we design and sell Armor systems for our Government or police forces, or a small part for Joe American's personal rifle, it's about the Golden Rule. "Treat all others as you would have them treat you!" 


TacOps-1 Customer service review

[ I am not one to usually go out of my way and post something like this, but an impression was made so here I go.  I was looking for an ambi-charging handle, more for the added flexibility (not a south paw) and after some looking around found THIS.  I had seen several positive reviews, is advertised as being more rugged, caveman simple, and had a price point below most other ambi-handles.  So I placed an order.  The following day I receive a call from MechArmor Defense in regards to my order.  They wanted to confirm that their product would work with my upper because they have a list of a small number of uppers that there has been problems.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what brand upper I will put it on as my upper is on backorder (white oak armory) and the site does not list the manufacturer.  I reported as such to MechArmor, but also said that I have several other uppers (spikes, DD, Delton) that the handle could find a home on if my backordered upper could not use the charging handle.  So anywho, I was very impressed that they took the time to call.  I also learned that they are based in New Hampshire, so happy coincidence and my handle arrived 2 days later.  On opening I did confirm it works properly in all 3 of my uppers and I am very impressed with the design.

Fast forward to earlier this evening and I get another call from MechArmor to confirm that their product works fine in my rifle.  I inform them that I still have not received my BOed upper but that I did check the handle in my other uppers (letting them know the brands) and it worked fine in them.  They said as lone as my BOed upper is "mil spec" there should be no problems.  So again I was surprised by their customer service and follow through.  Maybe I am reading too much into it, and maybe I received extra attention because I am a "local" but regardless I was very impressed and felt like sharing my experience. ]


TacOps-1 Customer service review - TacOps-1 AR15 charging handle


MechArmor - AR15 - AR10/M110 charging handle by TacOps-1


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