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MechArmor TacOps-1 customer review

AR15 - AR10 Customer review of the MechArmor TacOps-1




MechArmor TacOps-1 customer review


Greetings gentlemen,

First off allow me to thank you both again for your quick responses to my perceived issues, as well as your prompt service.  I can not remember a time when a company that I purchased from called me unsolicited BEFORE they shipped the product to insure I had the correct model weapon.  As I said previously, it has been my experience that if I ordered a product that didn't work for some odd reason, I was usually stuck with it, or the company made it difficult to return it etc.  So again, I greatly appreciated your level of personal service.

This last weekend I brought both caliber rifles to the range after changing out the Gunfighter handle I had in the DPMS .223 for your TacOps-1, and the stock handle that still lived in my Armalite AR10.  The handles went right in both weapons perfectly, fit nicely snug, unlike either of the other handles which were very loose side to side.  Right off, as many other people told me prior to buying your product, I felt the new handles allowed me to rack the weapon noticeably easier and far smoother. The tighter fit side to side make a world of difference, and the solidness of the handle makes me feel like its bullet-proof.  I now plan to bring your product to my department to see if we can get these on our duty weapons. If the funding wheels grind too slowly, I will buy another for my duty weapon personally, and possibly get a group purchase going among the other troopers.

After living with the handle so far, I was surprised to find myself attempting to use my right hand to charge the weapon, its quite easy to do from the right side, and I believe it to be a great option on duty in case my left hand becomes wounded.  Using this handle is quite intuitive.  As for it making it far easier to charge my AR10, which has a scope that extends beyond the handle, it is flat out night and day.  The oversized design of this handle looks a bit large outside of the weapon when you first get it, but as soon as it was in the weapons, its right at home.  The larger size is totally key to this handle working so well ergonomically. Its faster, more easily found when your not looking at the weapon, which will make night ops safer no doubt.

All in all I have spent allot of $$$$$ on my weapons, and I have also purchased a few of the other tactical handles out there. The gunfighter got the most hype at the time, so I purchased a few of those, but wasn't really sold.  After receiving yours, forget it, the stock handles I had and the GF are mere light duty options, and may be ok for Joe shooter, but certainly not for tactical LE like myself or military use where your life depends on it all working, all the time.

PS: I know I said I would take some pics at the range, but in my haste to get there forgot my camera.

Thanks again for producing such a great product, and look for a call from my Captain.

Sgt. J. R


MechArmor TacOps-1 customer review - AR15 best charging handle

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