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Mark Faber Warns of Market Crash as Road to WW3

World Renown Expert Warns of Market

Crash Leading to WW3 Sooner than Later!


 Road to WW3  - Best M4 rifle part TacOps-1


Road to WW3 - Dr. Doom Warns Of Major Market Crash of 20% or more coming soon!

Mr. Mark Faber, world renown expert on all things market wise, and one of the very few experts to always call it right.

[ "[In 1987] we had a very powerful rally, but also earnings were no longer rising substantially and the market became very overbought and the final rally into August 25th occurred with a diminishing number of stock hitting 52 week highs. In other words, the new high list was contracting and we had several breaks in different stocks.

And if you look at the last two days, it’s remarkable.

We’re close to the all-time highs at 1,709 on the S&P [500] and yesterday and the day before there were 170 new 52-week lows.

That’s a very high figure - [By the end of this year I see the market closing] lower than today.

Maybe 20%. Maybe more."] 


   Short overview of the how & why of the Elites WW3 push

Kings World News Market Crash article HERE


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