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New TacOps-1 customer review

Another cult member turned from the dark side of pseudo military grade Tactical Charging handles for the M4-AR rifle!


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                 M4 - AR15 - AR10/M110 Charging handle by MechArmor Defense Systems - TacOps-1


Greetings guys,

Just thought I would send you a note on my findings after receiving your product.

First off let me say that your "old school" customer service is a real breath of fresh air in todays indifferent world of business. NEVER have I received a phone call from one of the company owners to make certain of the weapon their part was going on!  Wow!  Most companies will sell you anything they have, and if you have issues, its all on the customer to make it right, usually with little aid or comfort from the company we buy stuff from after the sale.

That being said, I replaced the Bravo company gun-fighter handles that I had in my Stag & Dpms with your TacOps-1. Brother, what a difference! Van may remember from our long conversation when he initially called me - B4 the part was shipped - that I told him while in Iraq - 3rd Ranger Batt - that I somehow snapped the stock M4 handle in half while under serious fire. After receiving your TacOps, all I can say is this would be a literal life saver under those conditions. Van was correct in saying that the charging handle in this weapon has been the most over looked part in the last 50 years, I agree, and you guys have figured it out the first time around.

My initial impression upon removing it from the bag was, YO, THIS IS HUGE!  But when I put it into the weapon it looked just like it was born there. I saw one of the independent reviews of the TacOps-1 on Youtube where the presenter said the TacOps was bullet proof and caveman simple..LOL  Well, I fully agree, Im betting I can also pull my F-350 with this handle if needed.

Range day.... Again Wow! I brought my old Bravo handles to compare, switching them back and forth, and it was immediately obvious, night & day, the TacOps handle is the real deal. This handle fits way better into the upper, which seemed to make it far easier to pull the handle back. It has near zero side to side slop as virtually all handles tend to have, which makes it feel more integral with the rifles upper somehow. The solidness and superior quality and design of this charging handle is totally evident.  As you know, after receiving my .223 handle, I purchased another for my DPMS .308. ALL of the above comments concerning your products tendencies are even more evident in the larger frame weapon. Hands down, there is no other charging handle for the larger caliber AR rifles, especially if your running larger optics. 

Right hand operation .... Again, totally unexpected for me personally. After a few hours shooting with your handle, and remembering that your marketing materials spoke of right handed charging and clearing Ops, I tried it and found that using my right hand seemed to come quite naturally with the oversized handle, no brainer for south paws I reckon. I was worried that on my 15 the larger handle might interfere with my forward assist and clearing jams, however that was not at all the case. Another point my shooting buddies brought up was that it might get caught up on my vest, again, fooled with that quite a bit at the range, even tried to catch the rifle by the handle, no go at all, so that's a hollow argument if anyone brings it to your attention.

Price .... To be truthful I was looking at buying the tacOps a couple of years ago when the price was significantly higher, saw it at Brownells for over 100 bucks and needed two, so I went with the far cheaper gun-fighter and pretty much got what I paid for with them.  So, VERY HAPPY that you were able to both keep the manufacture of your handles in the USA and get the price down for cheap redneck Vets like

Warranty.... Well, "Life Time" says it all, but the fact that you guys extend that warranty even if the part is used under combat conditions by a soldier or law enforcement trooper is way above and beyond. And to be honest, for me that was also a big part of making the change to your handle. The fact that you guys publically and technically, legally stand behind the product even if its broken during combat, pretty much says all anyone can say or needs to know about the product and the people behind it.   Sorry to get so long winded with this  Feel free to use it as you see fit.

PS: Looks like I will be painting my gun fighters gold and hanging them on my xmas tree this year! Finally found a proper use for them!

As for the TacOps product, I will be spreading the good news far and wide. Thanks again for giving a Sht!

Stay kinetic !

S.Sgt. J. Holms


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