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American Patriots Called on to Defend the Republic January 20

With the ALT-Left-Commies & Mainstream Media Openly Calling for Insurrection and Mayhem!

Has it been as amazing to you to see and hear both, notable celebs and the mainstream media openly and repeatedly call for President D. Trumps assassination without as much as a look from the Secret Service or any other Federal agency?

A very real federal law exists to allow, no, force such arrests to occur when anyone openly, directly hurls a threat against both the President of the United States or ANY other Federal employee in the chain, OR insights others to do so! Yes, the law used to read that it was only threats against the President that would garner you a visit from the Secret Service, and or a SWAT team. But years ago they expanded that law to include ANY Federal employee or personality. NOW, before any of you, bright lights decide to rebut this reality by saying that D. Trump is ONLY the President "Elect", Which is a title that was made up during the Muslim Clerics election process in 2008, I will defend this by stating the obvious;

If the so-called President "Elect", and his position did not occupy the same space and status as the soon to be gone Cleric and would be President....   Then why does D. Trump have the same exact Secret Service security around him?

FACT IS! Major federal laws have been broken, ongoing by major personalities and not one has been arrested yet. From Hollywood producers and actors to Alt-Left nutballs like Michael Moore, to most major media talking heads! Arrests need to be made en masse! Because had any of us out here in the real world made such public inflammatory threats, we would have been dragged off with a black bag over our heads within 24 hours of the comments!  

The coming Progressive, Globalist Offensive in America! 

Yes, the rhetoric is getting louder in the last two weeks from some very credible sources inside the US security agencies, as well as from without concerning some possible "Tet" style offensive to occur on or around the time of the Trump inauguration. Of course, so far all of the Intel on this, real or fake, is pointing the finger at some Isis elements. We reported on this exact issue last week HERE, and HERE! 

Will it "actually" be Isis? Well, as the other two articles above touch on, yes, those involved most likely do believe they are part of some grand Islamic Jihad-driven by the Isis bogeymen who don't actually exist as such. But, as always those broken souls and weak minded people never allow the facts to get in the way of a good fantasy. Either way, in the end, does it really matter who anyone is or who pays their way? (Soros & rogue DNC). Innocents will be targeted and murdered if even 5% of this is credible Intel. 

Here is another article in connection with the warning of a new Tet-style offensive inside the USA! 

A Tet Offensive To Be Unleashed Against American Cities...

"Today, I am reminding all American patriots that they may be called to help defend the Republic against the insane leftist uprising and coordinated ISIS terrorist attacks announced for January 20.

While it is important to avoid initiating any sort of violence, all American patriots must be ready to respond to violence with tools of self-defense. The primary role of patriots must be to support law enforcement in maintaining law and order. If things get really out of hand and the U.S. Marines step in, the moral duty of civilian patriots is to support the U.S. Marines who are defending the Republic.

Under no circumstances should civilian patriots initiate kinetic actions against anyone unless they are first attacked and threatened with deadly force. That said, any Trump supporter who is directly threatened with deadly force (or attacked with deadly weapons) has every right to respond with the application of deadly force in the interests of self-preservation. Just be aware that the attacks on you are likely being staged for CNN to capture on camera, and the video will be selectively edited to portray you as the aggressor while portraying all Trump supporters as violent murderers. (Yep, you can’t even defend yourself without the media calling you a murderer… that’s how they lie.)" READ MORE:

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