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Jihadi Camps In The U.S. - 'Fully Armed And Ready To Attack'

Stockpiling Weapons And Preparing For 'End Times' Battle!

 FOX news and other's finally reporting on this very real threat to all Americans.  


"While Trump's desire to fix a broken vetting system is welcome, there are already thousands upon thousands of Islamic extremists already inside of America... many of which calling themselves moderates. According to June 2015 poll by the Center of Security Policy, 51 percent of U.S. Muslims believe "Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to shariah," and nearly a quarter of those polled think "It is legitimate to use violence to punish those who give offense to Islam by, for example, portraying the prophet Mohammed."

Even more disturbing is a new bombshell that was dropped when Ryan Mauro, national security analyst with the Clarion Project, was interviewed by Fox Business on December 1, 2016, where he explained they had people inside of Islamic compounds across America, and that his 'breaking news' is that with the election of Donald Trump, these compounds have been "stockpiling" weapons in preparation for their "end times" prophecies to be fulfilled.

Over the past years, the Clarion Project has done an outstanding job of documenting Islamic compounds throughout the U.S. that are part of "Muslims of America" (MOA)  which is a group "led by a radical cleric in Pakistan named Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani." According to Clarion and Mr. Mauro in the interview embedded below, the Department of Homeland Security says MOA is linked to Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a Pakistani militant group led by Gilani.

Perhaps the most chilling revelation in the interview was when Stuart Varney asked Mr. Mauro if there is a "Muslim force in America prepared to attack," and Mauro answers "Based on their own material and statements... yes."  Mauro then affirmed Varney's next question that there is an "Enemy army, fully armed, ready to attack."

This first video below is perfect and required for all State & Local law enforcement to watch and pass on to their superiors. Also pass along this organization's investigative website for this topic to all LEO's, which is:

PLEASE SEND THE FOLLOWING Data & Vids TO YOUR LOCAL POLICE: is where an overwhelming amount of information, including a Knowledge Base, which contains the thousands of documents, evidence, and Freedom of Information Request responses on the activities of Jamaat ul-Fuqra/Muslims of America, Inc. (MOA) and its members and a few of its various front organizations. The Knowledge Base contains articles about the Islamist Extremist ideology, Fuqra/MOA’s ideology in their own words, video clips, documentaries, and media clips on the subject of Fuqra/MOA’s activities, as well as their connection to known extremist groups and individuals around the world.

 Before we move on to the next video which has been optimistically titled "Armed Guerilla Training...." Let me touch on a few major and minor points concerning all of this, which is a very real issue and somewhat of a threat. 

  • The first video touched on how one camp in Colorado was found and eventually shut down in the 90's. What they aren't telling you or may not know is that elements of the 19th Special Forces Group in CO at that time, along with other elements from Montana and a couple of other Southern States were the ones who found that camp, along with several other camps. It was only after the Federals got tipped off that an imminent plan for mass elimination existed, that they moved on the one camp in CO. 
  • Since that time there has been very little to no media coverage of this growing issue and NO Federal movement to stamp out these camps. And of course, no media will ever point to who inside our govt structure is allowing this to exist. Although we believe that after this last election most people have a far better idea on that last point. 
  • Although these camps, and, as I clear my throat...."Trained Guerillas" have grown in size and number ever since the "community" have been watching and patiently waiting. They wait now because, for the most part, these are still American born people, albeit they are very broken, stupid and malleable useful idiots. Even so, attrition has been allowed to take its course, and they have been allowed to remain above ground until the day that they make that final decision to murder innocents in the country that bore them.  We are merciful gods of war, but make no mistake Jihad Jonny, we are gods!
  • It should be noted that these are only training bases and that all of their operations will launch from diverse area's within each cells AO. This means all civilians from this day forward need to carry weapons on their persons and rifles with additional ammo in their vehicles, as well as body armor if you have it. 
  • EYE's UP!  From this point forward as many useful people as possible, you know who you are, need to remain armed daily and need to start LOOKING and paying close attention to others around you, especially vehicles! Counter Terrorism won't be mastered without some training to guide you, and no one has time for that now. Use your eye's and common sense, most people have seen enough news on how organic terrorists and govt sponsored acts of terror tend to go, and enough well made Hollywood movies to pull from. Always better to 'think' you see something and act on it by calling the police, than to second guess yourself and say nothing. Then stand by or follow without letting the target or the police know of your presence. Do this in case that single LEO needs immediate backup. If not, speak to no one and leave! 
  • HYPER AWARENESS - While in public all American's (ALL), need to become hyper aware of any baggage or packages left ANYWHERE in a public place! AGAIN, better to pull a fire alarm and clear a public space than to know you could have AFTER that space is now filled with smoke and body parts. Israel has an actual law on the books for just this issue and their general population has always been hyper-vigilant on this issue for the obvious reasons. I have seen such attacks in person. They are perpetrated by cowards, and they are always horrific. 
  • THE GlOBAL ELITE Plan - Without a doubt, the Nazi globalist regime's plan with this is to green light these scum in order to cause widespread mayhem and force a total law enforcement martial law condition initially, with a full on military martial law condition on it heels. There are many in the know who also believe that elements of foreign troops are staged in the wings which will add rocket fuel to this fire.
  • HIDDEN IDF - The only chance we have at mitigating this possibility of total forced take-over and to mitigate civilian casualties is for the armed citizen at large in numbers to meet the enemy at the very time they strike. We require an embedded and hidden (Internal Defense Force - IDF) Back in the day this was known as a MIKE Force. We now require such an organic, at large IDF that can break the enemies initiative regardless of how large or small an attack may be in public places. NOT a suicide mission force that may at any time happen to be on hand to take on multiple terrorists all alone in a protracted gun battle, but only long enough for the bad guys initiative to be broken, and for LE to arrive to sweep them up. 
  • PATRIOT CRACK-DOWN - Do NOT think for one second that all of these attacks will be seen as "Muslim extremists" inside the US. If we allow them to get in and get out without dead Muzzy bodies to prove who they are, they will leave behind evidence that leads all LE and of course the pre-arranged mainstream propaganda whores to prove that all this is being perpetrated by American patriot militias! Have no doubt. THIS may be the most important reason for activating everyone now, and as quickly as possible! There is no better proof than dead bodies and digital pictures of them close up in case they go missing afterward. STRIP the bodies for pics of all identifying marks!!!

CHEW ON THIS concerning how such camps could possibly continue to exist without federal intervention. This should prove that the Federals have been in on protecting, if not flat out instituting and supplying these Jihad camps!:

  Do you recall how the actor/martial artist Wesley Snipes once had his own massive "Black Panther" training camp? Yes, he did. It seems Mr. Snipes believed that there would be a soon to come race war in the USA, and his camp was there to train and supply the fighters for that war. The Feds? Oh, they arrested and jailed him after they probed his colon with the IRS! Of course, no direct connection was made with his camp during those legal proceedings, although the mainstream media did touch on the existence of the camp and his connection to it. Either way Snipes was done, as was his Black Lives Splatter camp. Our point is, such camps, in fact, DO raise the attention of the Federal's when they are not "their" camps & fighters. And they quickly do away with all the competition, as this proves! Randy Weaver might even be yet another example, as are numerous White supremacists compounds, etc.  But 20+ Muslim based Jihadi camps? NAH! Nothing to see here, MOVE ON! 

It is clear from this and other video's of their training, and we use that word loosely in this context, that their "trainer's" appear to be training them to die quickly, but even the blind squirrel finds a nut periodically.  The bad news is, they are using mostly American born stock, and even the dimmest of American's tends to be more intelligent than the best of what I have personally seen many times while in the Middle East. The good news is, they are working with primarily American-born younger generation people who still want their Smartphones, pizza night and long day naps. Therefore, true, ideological commitment for these cells will be an immediate and terminal issue when the shit gets real for them.  And real it will get!
Additionally, and if they read this, they should understand; they are totally surrounded by hard-core combat vets and off-duty military and police that they cannot see, some of which who have been actively watching. This story should be a call to all American veterans to activate in their AO's. 
  • Liaise with local LE if applicable
  • Inform local civilians of this issue; spread topic far & wide
  • Train useful local civilians in Counter Terror observation
  • Train useful local civilians to carry, engage and break contact
  • Connect w/other Vets; American Rangers are now needed!
We are EVERYWHERE! And they are totally surrounded. The American Long gun and Tomohawk will be their end.
Chew on this jihad Jonny and jihad Jane; Since around 1995 you have been infiltrated and remain infiltrated and compromised to this day by us! Even some of your leaders are not "your" leaders! 
Good luck with that...
This should be a very short, but fulfilling fight!
    Original article By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


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