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Oby-Gn's Anti-Climate Change Agenda Cracked Open

"The Big Boss (Pontiff-icator) wants us to get that climate deal done in Paris this November." 

Written by the Anti-NY-Times:

Though this nonsense about Global Warming TM / Climate Change TMhas never been about science, The Anti-New York Times would like to go over some real numbers that we recently looked up and confirmed. These ridiculous ratios will make the task of discrediting the hideous hoax that much simpler. Put them to good use on that special Boobus Americanus, Boobus Europithicuor BoobusAustralopithecus in your life. But wait until the ballgame or TV Show has finished, lest he or she get angry. Here: 
  • Percentage of the atmosphere made up of CO2 (plant food): 0.038% (38 / 100,000) (here) 
  • Percentage of that CO2 coming from man: 3% (1/33) (here) 
  • 1/33 x 38/100,000 = 38/3,300,000
  • Therefore, fraction of atmospheric gases made up of man-made CO2: (approx. 1/100,000)        
Tiny Stick Man = 1 molecule of man-made CO2 
Packed 'Rose Bowl' Stadium = 99,999 molecules of all other gases 
How this monstrous psuedoscientific fraud continues to survive is a terrible testament to the hypnotic power of the Electronic Idiot Box and to the phenomenon of authority-worship. Put a "Dr." in front of someone's name and/or a Phd. after it, and he can get away with spouting the most incredulous, ludicrous, ridiculous, preposterous bull-sugar that the human imagination can conjure. Next thing you know, the "great and the good" will be telling us that dinosaurs "evolved" into the little birds that we hear singing outside -- ...oh....wait...they already are? (here)

Oh Boobus! What is it that you cannot be made to believe?

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