About Us

MechArmor is a US Defense contractor specializing in Up-Armor protection systems for military and police vehicles, as well as custom designed small arms, rifle parts.  

MechArmor Defense Systems was originally created in 2004 when the US Army Joint I.E.D Task Force Field Team tasked our former metal fabrication and design company to produce a completely new design Top-Gunner turret protection system for the M1114 Humvee, a design that would also cross over to other applications as required. 

Since the political climate began drying up many areas of government contracts directly after the 2008 elections, MechArmor Defense Systems decided to try our hand in the civilian defense and sport sectors, beginning with our TacOps-1 tactical charging handle. Of course, MechArmor has other innovative small weapons part design irons in the fire in which we endeavor to bring to market soon, however, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the rifle manufacturers, tactical police depts, military operators and sport shooters alike for embracing our first civilian product.  

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