Customer Comments


I would like to thank you for a great product, and great service.

After having an OEM charging handle fail a few years ago (roll pin came loose!) I've been looking for the best possible replacement. Also, since I shoot left handed I've been searching high and low for a truly ambidextrous design that will hold up to hard use.  The TacOps-1 is more than adequate to fill these requirements.  Having used the M16 and M4 platforms in both combat and sport shooting I can say that from the second I installed the TacOps-1 I knew it was a major improvement. The effort required to manipulate the charging handle with my non-firing hand is significantly reduced, and overall operation is smoother and faster than the standard configuration.  I was also pleasantly surprised that Van gave me a call to make sure I was satisfied with the product.  Sincere and exceptional customer service is rare in any industry these days.  I will be recommending your product to my family and friends. TacOps1 best possible replacement for a charging handle.


Joshua, Roanoke, VA

OIF Veteran      



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