The best AR15 charging handle TacOps-1

TacOps-1 by MechArmor - The FIRST to bring a totally redesigned AR charging handle to the market since 1955! - Higher Speed with less moving parts! " This AR15 AR10/M110 Charging Handle by TacOps-1 is the best made most effective ambidextrous combat innovation ever designed for the AR/M4/M110 platform. VETERAN OWNED BUSINESS - COMBAT TESTED AND WARRANTED FOR LIFE! - DESIGNED AND MADE IN AMERICA!

AR15 AR10/M110 charging handle by TacOps-1TacOps-1 AR15 / AR10 /M110 Charging Handle is the newest and most effective ambidextrous combat innovation specifically designed for the platform in many years. Not just another accessory, but a well thought out design that dramatically changes and enhances the way a soldier, law enforcement agent or sport shooter deploys their weapon, especially with optics on-board.

All users of the AR platform, especially those utilizing their weapon in combat or law enforcement operations know that re-charging the weapon in any position dictates the shooter come away from an Eyes On-target, High Ready, off hand, or prone position to manipulate the bolt. In doing so wasting precious moments with reduced situational awareness of approaching threats. These potential weapon-charging issues with the M16/M4/M110 platform have always been greatly compounded by the use of optics, especially those extending rearward over the charging handle even a short distance. This charging handle eliminates all that, while also expanding your low light dexterity !


Prone Sniper Ops: Allowing easy access with minimal body movement under concealment.
Enhanced eyes-up and weapon on target during combat reloads or jam clearing malfunctions.
Extended right/left ambidextrous design greatly enhances weak hand reloading of the weapon.
Extended, but standard type left side design allows traditional manipulation when required.
Greatly enhances survive-ability during weak hand /wounded hand combat Ops.
Enhanced Night-Ops: Easy to locate and manipulate in dark situations.

AR15 AR10/M110 charging handle by TacOps-1


Patented center button thumb release allows more natural mechanical 
Enhanced eyes-up and weapon on target during combat reloads or jam clearing malfunctions advantage & straighter pull.
Designed to clear all optics and allows for lowest, rearward mounting position of optics.
Patented brass guide-plug keeps debris out and spring centered for consistently smooth operation.
42% larger roll pin w/ 7- pound stainless spring, locks tighter to greatly reduce potential breakage.
Steel latch design bottoms out against inner T-handle body mitigating all stress applied on roll pin.




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