Us and Them Product Comparison

Us and Them Product Comparison

Us and Them Product Comparison - TacOps-1 M4, AR15 charging handle

The first questions that most people ask us is why our handle is so wide, and why it doesn't have an additional release lever on the right side as some others now do.

Our overall answer to these begins with: Firstly, we never set out to design an afterthought product as most all others tend to appear to be. While most if not all of the other handles that came onto the market AFTER ours are designed around the original AR handle design size, or very close to it; we set out to insure that certain long-standing tactical shortcomings were overcome.

First off, we wanted to make certain that the issue of handle availability when the rifle is topped with any scope would be completely alleviated. In order to insure this, the handle has to be wider, however  the trick was doing so without inhibiting the shooters easy access to the forward assist; of course, our TacOps-1 design accomplishes this.

Secondly, we set out to make the handle fully ambidextrous WITHOUT additional moving parts or holes above that of which Eugene Stoner originally designed. MechArmor Defense is made up of former Special Forces troopers and LE personnel, thus, we know what it takes to keep any kit "soldier proof" and reliable.  Since we have accomplished all of the milestones we set out to tag in our design we have been able to extend a 100% Life-Time Warranty to our customers, EVEN if those customers used our handle in actual tactical LE or military combat conditions.  The TacOps-1 is fully ambidextrous, far stronger than any original design because of the Aircraft Alloy 7071 billet material each handle is cut from, not to mention our far larger roll pin diameter, and our internal handle-body design, which bottoms out the latch removing most of the adverse blowback pressures against the roll pin during suppressed fire.

Like our Life-Time Warrantly, our patented Spring-hole Plug is another first within the gun industry when it comes to the AR charging handle. Keeping the overall moving parts to an absolute minimum as Stoner originally designed also aids in the parts overall longevity by having fewer points for abrasive debris to enter. LET’S REMEMBER, THAT THE CHARGING HANDLE ON ANY AUTO-RIFLE IS POSSIBLY THE MOST IMPORTANT PART ON THE RIFLE, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO THE AR DESIGN! The day you snap a handle in the field, or part of that handle, all you have left is a club. If you are a soldier or LE professional who has spent some time on these weapons, you have most likely broken a handle or two.  The TacOps-1 was the first complete redesign of the AR charging handle to be made available to the gun market. Every single charging handle design that we have seen come to the market after ours in 2009 are designs which in most cases doubled the amount of holes, springs and pins to do so, some have even added cantilever levers and removable panels for access! Most appear to be stock configuration handle bodies with enlarged add-on latch flippers. Many such products are also still produced from inferior aluminum alloy, and even worse in some cases, still cast aluminum handle bodies.

Although most professional operators identify the big disadvantage of having the handles actuator flippers hanging out far past the main handles body, there are far more civilian users who are yet to identify this major issue.  Allowing the latch flippers to extend far past the handle body, especially while retaining the stock latch spring size and strength of approx. 4-pounds, all but guarantees the weapons handle will become unlocked by any number of means while in use. Of course, this should be one hell of a serious issue for those operators depending on their weapons during actual combat or police Operations. Also, allowing even steel latch flippers, commonly referred to as (Tac-latches), to extend so far past the handles main body further proves to be a weak design in the fact that the extended section does not have any actual handle body behind it to stop its breakage from over-travel, if hit. Our TacOps-1 handle was designed as we say, with an over travel stop area machined into the interior section, but this was ONLY to give relief to our already greatly oversized roll pin, not the latch actuator -  (Tac-latch) section itself.  Now in 2013 several other companies have stolen our design idea of limiting the latch travel by interior machined surfaces, and possibly by other means. However, none have proven to be able to stop their (Tac-latch) sections from being sheared off via some trauma.

As you can plainly identify by the picture at the top of this page of the 3 handles, the TacOps-1 handle has its - (Tac-latch) lever section recessed safely within the 7071 aircraft alloy main handle body, unlike virtually every other current design available.

The following independant video evaluation also pointed out many of these issues without any promting by our company.



Us and Them Product Comparison - M4 AR15 Tactical charging handle TacOps-1

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